Delivering high clarity image and wide color gamut has become Sony’s craft when it comes to projectors. With the use of the cutting edge LCoS technology, Sony’s projectors are the best money can buy to bring the home theater experience to your home.


JVC proved themselves in the display world with their class leading native contrast ratio being the best in the industry. They had paved the way to what projectors could achieve and rival the picture quality of the very best LED out there on a much larger scale.


Epson’s range of award winning projectors, include 1080p HD Home Theatre Projectors, Portable Business Projectors, Large Venue, and Interactive Projectors so no matter what’s the occasion Epson has a projector for you.


BenQ uses a single chip DLP to create ultra sharp images that could cut you and if 3D is on the top of your list then nothing could beat it as it will have zero cross talk and next dimension 3D that won’t be matched even in the movie theater.


Optoma’s low price point projectors would give anyone who wants the big screen in there home something to talk about, regardless of the price point it achieves a big vibrant screen that anyone wanting the big movie like effect would be pleased to see.

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